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What are the admission requirements?

There are no prerequisite requirements for admission to either program. We will give students a placement test to determine the appropriate level of instruction for them.

Are students required to attend class?

Absolutely. They must attend a minimum of 80% of the scheduled classes.

What guarantees can you offer?

It is difficult to guarantee specific outcome for our offerings. However, we promise that we will strive to reach our outcomes and provide the best value for our customers. On the other hand, we emphasize that language learning and cultural engagement lie strongly on the learners’ passion, enthusiasm & commitment towards learning and engagement.

Is Excel Language Centre licensed?

Yes. The Ministry of Education has licensed our Centre. Both the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Immigration Department of Malaysia have approved our programs and authorized us to recommend students for study visas through Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS)

What is your method of instruction?

We use the communicative language approach to teach English, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and other languages. Our instruction includes the use of multimedia – print and electronic media. The courses prepare students to operate effectively in daily life as well as academic settings. Our programs follow a structured process that leads students to achieve ever higher levels of mastery.

Do foreign students need a student visa?

Foreign nationals will need student visas to attend the full time programs.  We will submit your visa application and recommend you for approval, but Malaysian Immigration makes the final decision.  We will let you know the status of your application and follow on with any rejected visa applications.
For more information on visas, visit the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) at  https://educationmalaysia.gov.my.

What is the balance between instruction and student practice?

We incorporate communicative approach as our main teaching strategy. Our classes are totally student-centered, where learners’ communication form the core of class experience. The instructor’s role is a language facilitator who helps engage the students effectively in the language and set the scene for them, clarifying any obstacles that might hinder their learning & practice.

Are there any learning activities outside the classroom?

Yes. We schedule an outing to someplace in Kuala Lumpur or somewhere else in Malaysia almost every weekend and we encourage everyone to take these trips. We have a native English language guide to host the trips and all our interactions with local guides, waiters, and other travelers will be in officially in English.
Further, due to the dominance of learners English Language Programs, we are planning to dedicate specialized English-only café corner, which will not only serve the usual assortment of coffees and goodies, but will also have a library of classic and recent English language books and periodicals. We will show an English language movie every night.

What are the instructors’ experience?

Our instructors are certified to teach the target language (English)

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